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Cybernetic Witch Cult drawing

Drawing inspired by the band Cybernetic Witch Cult. Great psych/doom metal inspired by classic sci fi and horror. Check them out! x



Skeletal foetus beast.

20171107_095503Skeleton foetus monster waving hello. Was gonna add more shading and colour but I’m glad I didn’t. Reckon this would be good for a grindcore band poster. x



Finished some pumpkins over Halloween week. A bit late but it doesn’t matter, every day is Halloween in our house. X

Demons and Devils

The theme for Character Design Challenge last month was Demons and Devils. I entered the green one in the end as I thought he had more character. I wanted to create a demon with cloven hooves and horns but didn’t look like your typical big red devil. The other demon I drew is more inspired by African and Native American masks. X

Halloween Mystery Post

Nice surprise to come home yesterday to the Halloween Mystery Post. Tons of stickers drawn by local illustrators and artists and a handsome sticker book designed by Leah Boote Illustration with cool monster bios by Gavin Quinn. Pleased to be a part of this. X

Haha Black Sheep

Haha Blacksheep.
Written and performed by Sam Bradbury, Cally Gibson and Matt Collington.
Recorded on a phone at practice 13th October 2017.


The Blob!