ira bees, sic they vires fatigo vestri hostilis noctu


Sgt Slick

Sgt Slick reporting for duty. Question is… Is he biting his top lip or bottom lip? X


Square head

I really loved drawing and painting this freckly fella. x

Wart King

I managed to salvage this from a print that went horribly wrong (I cooked it by accident when trying to dry glue under the grill!) x


Insect Warrior

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis months Character Design Challenge theme. Insect Wariors. Here’s my entry for this month. I based it on ants but took inspiration from flies, crustaceans and other stuff too. x


Glue Prints

Here are some of my glue prints. I drew an image onto card board with PVA glue then let it dry hard before printing. I’m going to work into some of the ones that didn’t work so well but overall I’m quite impressed with the results. x

Mr Nightmare

Designed a Mr Men character named Mr Nightmare. X


mr nightmare cut out

Falmouth Week Carnival Parade

Had a brilliant time at Falmouth Rugby Club on Saturday helping with the bird automata workshop and taking part in the Falmouth Week Carnival Parade. The Peter Markey inspired dragon just about survived the downpour but it was great showing it off. You can find out more about Peter Markey and his work at the excellent exhibition currently on at Falmouth Art Gallery. X

Find out more about Peter Markey and the exhibition of his work at Falmouth Art Gallery here: