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Photos of November exhibition with Scott Ovens now on Flickr


Scott and Sam are two like minded friends; growing up together in the suburbs of Northampton they attended the same schools and then eventually the same art colleges (Foundation: Northampton University College, BA hons: Falmouth University College).  Influenced by many of the same people and places their visual ideas, development and output have continued to move in a similar direction.  Despite a continued proximity for many years, their work has very rarely been seen side by side.  Sam will be presenting a number of past works leading to his most present, many previously unseen, while Scott will be revealing some of his latest ideas since April this year. 

Scott:  “From a technical stance my practice is strongly directed by print as a process and the various methods encapsulated within.  Whether pressed in a studio or digitally rendered, the relationship between image, layers and composition remains paramount.  It is through a wider understanding of printing developments throughout the 20th century I can draw upon an abundance of inspiration.  These more tactile methods allow the artist fantastic aesthetic considerations in terms of colour choice and how one hue sits on top of another.  As a consequence publications of the 1940’s and 50’s presented a vibrant view of the world through a bolder platelet, printing mediums of the day were often executed to a painterly effect.  These sources evoke ideas, resolving themselves within my practice, in relation to colour, process and subject.  It is true to say that during a time of hyper realities and virtual experiences throughout the worlds of creative media, cinema and photography; I am pleased to discover an aesthetic beauty through what could be considered (in terms of printing) as series of degenerative actions.  I believe such actions to lead to a sense of nostalgia as we re-address our modernist histories.  Specific to this exhibition I play between a paradox of social rise, leisure and technological advancements amongst the terrors of human destruction; the dichotomy between propaganda and truth.”   

Sam:  Although some work is realised in the medium of screen printing or etching, all of Sam’s art in this exhibition has its origins in collage. Drawing on a diverse range of imagery from classical art, architecture, science, nature, history and other sources, he creates work with a mystical, grotesque or even humorous quality. Influences for the work are drawn from his interest in mythology, science fiction, and worldwide religious imagery to create scenes of the ethereal and bizarre. He graduated from Falmouth in 2008 where he now continues to live and work.

For sales or further enquires please contact

Scott –     07752875575

Sam –     07882861647


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