ira bees, sic they vires fatigo vestri hostilis noctu

24Hr Comic Etc Finished!!

That was epic! Managed to get through it with just a small sleep in the early hours of thie morning. Learnt alot from the event and Id like to thank everyone else who took part and especially Tom and Phil for organising something so fun. You can check out the live blog that they and Tim put together during the event by following the link below. Its pretty funny in parts and its good to see a full record of everything as it happened- as much a record of extreme sleep deprivation as it is of an arts event.  I think you get a real feel for what the event was like and what it was about by browsing through it. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the other two 24HR comic events they have planned at the Eden Project on 4th of Feb 2011 and at the Liskerett Centre, Liskeard on 18th of Feb 2011.


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