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Spit Bubble

 It’s All True presents a Brand new zine in Falmouth for comic lovers. It features a fantastic intro from Thomas G J Sharpe and a great article about the Legion of Super-Heroes by Doug Bell featuring some of my Superman collages. It’s a great article about the pioneering first 12 issues of the Legion of Super-Heroes 1989 ‘5 Years Later’ run.

Also included is an introduction to the all girl publication, Bimba,  by Donya Todd. Bimba is an anthology of comics by women and the article features art work by Claire Owen, Donya Todd, Lize Meddings and Kelly Walton.

If that wasn’t enough it also features comics by Jack Teagle and Marcel O’Leary and when you unfold the whole thing you get a big Batman poster by Edward Tuckwell.

Spit Bubble also host graphic novel discussion nights on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm at Hand Bar, in the Old Brewery Yard, High Street, Falmouth. See the blog for more details about upcoming events.

You can get the zine for just £1.50 at Hand Bar, Here & Now Gallery, Jam Records and The Shop Gallery.



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