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Star Glazers Monsters

Star Glazers Monsters

By Sam Bradbury

As long as I can remember I have always had a fascination with Monsters. From bizarre creatures of myth and folklore to grotesque aliens and fanciful sci fi robots, if it was scary, squirmy or strange I was hooked.

Transformation is a popular subject in the world of monsters. Whether it be Fafka’s Metamorphosis into a giant insect, imagined medieval beasts or a werewolf changing under a full moon, mutations and hybrids are plentiful. I created some of these monsters by trying to imagine a different creature than the one the pottery was supposed to depict. Changing it into something else and taking on the role of mad scientist, creating gross and magnificent creatures in a lab.

I had a wonderful time at Star Glazers painting these little creatures and I hope you enjoy them.

Thankyou to Sarah and Maria for all their encouragement and for making every visit to Star Glazers so fun and welcoming.


Sam Bradbury


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