ira bees, sic they vires fatigo vestri hostilis noctu


Drawing on a diverse range of imagery from classical art, architecture, science, nature, history and other sources I create work with  mysical and ethereal qualities. Influence for my art is drawn from my interest in science fiction, mythology, pseudo science, the natural world and worldwide religious imagery to create scenes both grossly imaginative and bizarre. Other underlying themes in my work are collecting, natural history museums and ethnographic collections. I also like to work in a range of mediums, whether it’s etching, collage, drawings, junk sculpture or anything. I believe it’s important to play, experiment and have fun with art. I graduated from University College Falmouth in 2008 where I continue to live and work… but mostly I just like drawing monsters! 

For more information see 
Or go to Sams Flickr  to see more art work, sketch books and images of previous exhibitions.

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