ira bees, sic they vires fatigo vestri hostilis noctu

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Mouth Worms

Bleuurrgh!!! Possible poster design of a guy chucking up a worm who is also chucking up a worm. If you have an ear worm and keep singing it, does that make it a mouth worm? x


Red Pen Faces

Red Pen Faces. I was thinking about monks and trying to use very few lines. I bloody love these Uni Posca markers. x

Darth Sagaloo

I was thinking what storm troopers might look like under their masks while having a doodle with a new thick red Posca pen. I call this guy Darth Sagaloo. x


The day the cheekbones died

A very slow Radio Misery and Cheekbones practice from the other day. The video was shot through a bottle of beer and looked a bit dog eggs so I just added all the video effects. X

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Owls Afraid of the Dark- Praccy Vid

Weird little practice video from the other day. Looking forward to playing this Friday at Woodlane Social Club in Falmouth. X

1990 Monsters

Some drawings from 1990 when I was 5 years old. Some things never change. Think I prefer the monsters I drew then though!! X

Owls Afraid of the Dark Demo

If you can’t wait for the album coming out later this year then here’s a small demo to wet your whistle. A few live recordings and rehearsals. X