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Sgt Jowless and Cy-Bear


Sci-Fi Animals to colour in

Sgt Jowless and CyBear reporting for duty. Adding colour to these this week. X

The Sun Eater


A made up bird I drew in India. I called it the sun eater. X

Tiger Face

I just got back from India looking for tigers in Khana and Bandavgarh .I drew this tiger marking inspired face whilst there. X


Cybear/ Robo-bear

I drew a cyborg bear at work for a child to colour in. I really love his face so I will probably revisit him very soon. X

Artspread Calendar 2018

Really pleased to be part of the 2018 Artspread calendar along with 11 other artists based in Cornwall. You can find out more about Artspread, other artists involved and it’s regular online magazine on their website.20171219_192252

More Robots!

More robot drawings. Hoping to get some on some t shirts very soon! x