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Grotesques. A couple of new sketch book drawings from last week I might turn into a series. x


The People Eater

The People Eater. New lino print. These are for sale so do get in touch. X


Owls Afraid of the Dark at Parklive June 2018

Just a couple of clips from our set at Parklive, 24th June 2018. Parklive is a free event organised by community radio station Source fm. Find out more at and Xx

Hear more here:

Owls Afraid of the Dark- Anger the Bees Practice

Anger the Bees Practice
Recorded at Cally’s digs 23rd June 2018
Hear more here:


Peach Honey Songwriters Club

33785638_388519121662323_3598966166350987264_nHad a great time on Sunday playing at the Peach Honey Songwriters Club ran by Sarah Marie Tyrell. Check out her solo music and her awesome band Honey here:

Here are a couple of live videos from the night. It was one of the best open mic nights I’ve ever been to and everyone was incredible. Loved it!! X

Listen to more of my solo music at and and x

Alien Vampires

Painted a couple of alien vampires on an old chalk board. X

Captain Schnozz

I realized I draw a lot of creatures without noses so I decided to draw a monster made entirely of noses. Captain Schnozz. X