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Regarding Everything as Play

Had a lovely time at Toast on Wednesday at the Drink N Draw event ‘Regarding Everything as Play’. Met lots of friendly and interesting people and really enjoyed a spot of blind drawing and experimentation. Thank you to Pop Up Arts Fair/GatheringLeah Boote IllustrationMystery Post and Frank Pellow. Looking forward to the next Halloween themed one on October 18th!


New Zapoppin’ Album!!

Recently finished some art work for the new album by Zapoppin’. See them live if you get a chance, they are incredible! X

Zapoppin Bandcamp


The Robot and Worm (Good name for a pub!)

Couple more recent drawings. One’s a robot window cleaner I forgot to send to a character design challenge and the other a worm  drawn for Thomas Sharpe’s birthday. Enjoyed drawing these alot. Expect lots of new monster drawings with Halloween coming up. X

Recording an album!

Been busy lately recording some songs with Cally Gibson and Matt Collington for a Sam and Cally album. Super excited but it’s a way off yet. Recording takes a crazy amount of time. Did post a pretty little video of us adding some glockenspiel to a track called ‘The last lullaby’ though because it sounded really pretty.



It Came from The Centre of the Earth!!!!

Here’s a few bits of sketchbook work finished recently. ‘2 Robots Meeting’, ‘Earth’ and ‘It Came from The Centre of the Earth’. Hope you enjoy. X

See more of my art work here:


I produced an album cover for electronic eccentric Elkingtit. Give him a listen because he’s brilliant!!