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Electric Werewolf on Marble

A few drawings I did on marbled paper with black pen. This was really more of an exercise before getting into some new lino prints but I really enjoy the electric werewolf and 6 armed demon. Going to work on a robot that takes some of the bits from these drawings. X


Gharial Print

‘Gavialis Gangeticus’
Lino Print
Recent lino print of a Gharial. I hadn’t done any in over 10 years but I’ve already ordered more lino so expect more over the summer. Got 6 for sale so PM me if interested. Xx

‘Little Green Man’

‘Little Green Man’
Lino Print
I really enjoyed doing this little fella and I’m looking forward to doing a lot more lino printing. Got 6 of these for sale. PM me if interested.

Boglin Design

I miss boglins so much! They were and still are the greatest toys that ever existed. Here’s one I made up. x

boglin design

Moon Face and a Weeping man

Some recent art work I forgot to share. The moon face man was supposed to be a design for a space pirate but he didn’t turn out too piratey but I loved his weird floaty head. The weeping man was just a lunch time doodle that I enjoyed colouring in. X

Dead Dogs. x

Dead dogs. I’m a cat man. x


A ‘Hellephant’ painted at Star Glazers this week. x