ira bees, sic they vires fatigo vestri hostilis noctu



A chickeny, pigeony, parrot bird thing. X

bok bok

PizzaTramp Art

Did a bit of fan art for a great band called Pizza Tramp. Check the out here:


Humpty Dumpty and Fronk.

A couple of things I finished last weekend. X


Amy is away in Transylvania. So I embraced my inner goth and drew her a vampire. Xx


New Sketchbook!

Really loving my new midget sketchbook. This time in colour! X

My pocket sketchbook.

I finished a mini sketchbook I’ve been carrying with me over the last year and want to share some of the odd doodles and drawings. So here they are! Some are unfinished and others just terrible but I really love this sketch book. Hope you do too. X

New watercolour and pen drawings

Some recent finished watercolour and pen/pencil drawings. X

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