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Gig Videos

Sam and Cally/Owls Afraid of the Dark- Live at the Source FM Xmas party 2017



Gig on the Moor, Falmouth, Aug 2017

This song is ancient but I promised I’d play it for my brother Glen during Falmouth Week on the Moor. X

Sam Bradbury and Nat Blue @ Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth, July 2017

Had an ace gig the other night with Nat at Jacobs Ladder in Falmouth. Here’s a little video of us from the night. X

Sam Bradbury:- A collection of alternative indie oddities.

Nat Blue:- Acoustic grunge session from Swansong frontwoman.

The Intro

We were lucky enough to have a saxophonist in the pub last night who joined in with the whole gig. Here’s a video of our opening song. X

Sam & Cally @ Dynamite Valley Brewery

Last Saturday was Dynamite Valley Breweries 1st birthday with live music, tons of beer, food and even more sunshine!!

Gig Videos- Radio Misery and Momento Mori


Gig at Jacobs Ladder 12/12/2015

I love playing with Paul. Good gig. X