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Gig Videos

Sam and Martin at Jacobs Ladder

Was a pleasure to share the stage with Martin the other night at Jacobs Ladder Inn, Falmouth. He’s an incredible and unique songwriter and his voice is beautiful. We used to be in a band together called Butterfly Knife. Here’s a video of us both playing solo from the evening:


Hear more music by myself and Martin here:

Ooh! And if you wanted to hear what we sounded like as a band we have a few old demos from the Butterfly Knife days on bandcamp still:


Owls Afraid of the Dark at Parklive June 2018

Just a couple of clips from our set at Parklive, 24th June 2018. Parklive is a free event organised by community radio station Source fm. Find out more at and Xx

Hear more here:

Owls Afraid of the Dark- Anger the Bees Practice

Anger the Bees Practice
Recorded at Cally’s digs 23rd June 2018
Hear more here:


Peach Honey Songwriters Club

33785638_388519121662323_3598966166350987264_nHad a great time on Sunday playing at the Peach Honey Songwriters Club ran by Sarah Marie Tyrell. Check out her solo music and her awesome band Honey here:

Here are a couple of live videos from the night. It was one of the best open mic nights I’ve ever been to and everyone was incredible. Loved it!! X

Listen to more of my solo music at and and x

Owls Afraid of the Dark at Fal River Festival

Was great to play the street food and craft ale festival as part of the Fal River Festival this weekend. Here’s a video of what me and Matt put together in the absence of Cally. Played a few songs we don’t normally play and a couple of songs that are from other bands and projects we’ve done. It was really fun! x

Sympathy for the Witch

Great gig the other day supporting Foxteeth at Chintz. Got some lovely gigs coming up over the summer including Falmouth Street Food and Craft Ale Festival next week and Source FM’s Parklive in June! x

Nat Blue, Roo and Yours True

Recorded live at Jacobs Ladder Inn, Falmouth, March 29th 2018.

Featuring ‘Sorry’ by Nat Blue, ‘Hot Salad’ by Roo Pescod and ‘Innocent Annie’ by Sam Bradbury.