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Sam and Cally/Owls Afraid of the Dark- Live at the Source FM Xmas party 2017



Sam and Cally Live at Source FM Xmas Gig


Thanks to everybody who made it along to the Source FM Xmas party the other day. Here are a couple of tracks from our set broadcast live on Source FM. Looking forward to album launch in 2018!

Zapoppin’ artwork

Here’s the Zapoppin’ art work in the flesh for the their Live at The Curse album. You can pick up a copy here:

Haha Black Sheep

Haha Blacksheep.
Written and performed by Sam Bradbury, Cally Gibson and Matt Collington.
Recorded on a phone at practice 13th October 2017.

New Zapoppin’ Album!!

Recently finished some art work for the new album by Zapoppin’. See them live if you get a chance, they are incredible! X

Zapoppin Bandcamp


Recording an album!

Been busy lately recording some songs with Cally Gibson and Matt Collington for a Sam and Cally album. Super excited but it’s a way off yet. Recording takes a crazy amount of time. Did post a pretty little video of us adding some glockenspiel to a track called ‘The last lullaby’ though because it sounded really pretty.


I produced an album cover for electronic eccentric Elkingtit. Give him a listen because he’s brilliant!!