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Sam and Cally Live at Source FM Xmas Gig


Thanks to everybody who made it along to the Source FM Xmas party the other day. Here are a couple of tracks from our set broadcast live on Source FM. Looking forward to album launch in 2018!


Listen to June’s Parklive Here!

Thoroughly enjoyed putting together the line up for June’s Parklive. One of my favourite parklives to date and you can now view the photos and have a listen online. Check out sets the from Roo PescodSwansongTHE EYELIDSPaul Anthony, Gripe Water Unplugged and A Thousand Years Of Light. Everybody sounded amazing!! Looking forward to the next Parklive at the end of July. X

Check it out here:

Parklive June Poster A5

Now I really can’t wait for the next one in July!!


HiveMind Jingles Collection II

imageedit_8_2881289895 (1)

It’s here!! The second HiveMind Jingles collection for your listening pleasure. Thank you to Amy Norris, Ian Beaumont, Rowena Geerts and the jingle producing powerhouse that is Arthur Spear. All sales of the collection go towards Source FM. X

A Hivemind Hivemind!!

Tune into HiveMind on the Source FM on Monday evening for an all Hivemind themed radio show. Featuring music by HIVEMIND, Hivemind,Hivemind, Hivemind, Hivemind, Hivemind, The Hive-Mind, Hivemind, A Hivemind, Hivemind complex, Hivemind and more! It’s going to be an unusual and ecclectic broadcast. Listen from 6pm on 96.1 FM in the Falmouth/Penryn area or tune in online at

Monday 20th February 6pm on Source FM


HiveMind on World Radio Day

Monday was world radio day and to celebrate I had my friends Arthur and Rich come and join on the air (hopefully more regularly from now on too!). This is Arthur head banging to Carnal Forge. Listen every Monday from 6pm on The Source FM. Also follow HiveMind on Facebook for more info and weekly playlists. X


Insects Music

Miss the Insect HIveMind radio show? No worries, I’ve collected recording of the insects introducing some of their favourite tunes here:

If you enjoy it, don’t forget to listen to HiveMind every Monday on The Source FM

HIveMind Insect Radio Invasion!

The insects have infested Source FM. Luckily thanks to the technical wizards in the studio we can translate what they say and have invited them to introduce themselves and their favourite songs this evening on HiveMind. Listen at 6pm on The Source 96.1 FM or online at