ira bees, sic they vires fatigo vestri hostilis noctu


I made a 3 minute gangster movie

I shaved my head yesterday and decided to make a gangster movie in the process. Prove it or lose it ya’ monkfish!!


A Hivemind Hivemind!!

Tune into HiveMind on the Source FM on Monday evening for an all Hivemind themed radio show. Featuring music by HIVEMIND, Hivemind,Hivemind, Hivemind, Hivemind, Hivemind, The Hive-Mind, Hivemind, A Hivemind, Hivemind complex, Hivemind and more! It’s going to be an unusual and ecclectic broadcast. Listen from 6pm on 96.1 FM in the Falmouth/Penryn area or tune in online at

Monday 20th February 6pm on Source FM


New Pukemon

Visit for more of my drawings. X201701041727588141

Sketchbook 2016

New images in my sketchbook this year. X

First puppet completed

Finished the first puppet of hopefully many. I haven’t named him yet but suggestions are flooding in. Also a couple of pics of unfinished puppets and the garage thats been sorted into a studio. x P1140526 P1140527 P1140528 P1140529 P1140530 P1140537 P1140539

Art Spread

dynamite valley art spreadArticle all about our mural in Art Spread magazine. Will post up the online version soon. In the meantime check out their website and join them on facebook. X

Butterfly Knife Practice

3 topless men in a loud oven watching smoke engulf Penryn sounds like this. X