ira bees, sic they vires fatigo vestri hostilis noctu

Exhibition History

pink monster2015- ‘New Sketchbook Work’- The Waterfront

Retrospective of work featuring new and recent work and drawings made when 9 years old

13th September 2015

penryn arts2015- Sketch Book Exhibition- No20

As part of the Penryn arts festival weekend.

23rd May- 17th June

truro-festival_logo_final_c_32015- 24hr Comic- Truro Library

4 day event and exhibition as part of the Truro Arts Festival 2015

30th March- 2nd April

Full Comic

worm2015- Creatures of the Deep- The Waterfront

Art & Ale, The ‘Front, Falmouth

24th March- 17th June

 Genie and Birds detail2014- Exhibition of the Unreal and Imaginary- The Waterfront

Art & Ale, The ‘Front, Falmouth

27th October-24th November

truro festival_logo_final_C_(3)2014- 24Hr Comic Etc- Truro

Truro Arts Festival

10th- 11th April 2014

a family affair2014- A Family Affair- The Castle Theatre

Bradbury family group exhibition, The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough

2nd April- 30th April 2014

penryn 242013- 24HR Comic Etc- Penryn Arts Festival

Penryn Arts Festival, Cornwall

23rd July- 24th July 2013

Finished Work on Flickr

Hand exhibition poster2012/2013- Hero Complex, Superhero Collages – HandBar

Hand Bar, 3 Old Brewery Yard, Falmouth, Cornwall

19th December 2012 -13th January 2013

Finished Work on Flickr

24hr comic logo2011- 24HR Comic Etc- Wadebridge

Wadebridge Town Hall, Wadebridge, Cornwall

13th-14th January 2011

castle2010-Joint exhibition with Scott Ovens- The Castle Theatre

The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

5th-29th November 2010

Finished Work on Flickr

Picture22009-Solo  Exhibition

Babahogs Arts Cafe, Falmouth, Cornwall

28th September-03rd October 2009

Picture32009-Species– Group exhibition

Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth, Cornwall

25th April-27th June 2009

Picture52008-Nature Morte– Joint exhibition with Paul Chaney

Urbanomic Studio, Falmouth, Cornwall

7th-14th September 2008

Finished Work on Flickr

2Picture6008-Under Pressure- Group print show

Urbanomic Studio, Falmouth

19th-26th July 2008

Picture72008-Fineart Degree Show

University College Falmouth

June 2008


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