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Gig on the Moor, Falmouth, Aug 2017

This song is ancient but I promised I’d play it for my brother Glen during Falmouth Week on the Moor. X


Tropical Fish and a WarCrab

fish colourwarcrab colour

Got some colour on these. Invented fish and a warcrab for an excellent band of the same name. Check them out here:

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Fish Monster and Android Skull

Some new sketchbook drawings. Got a ton of new promarkers so lots of colouring at the moment. XSCAN0145SCAN0146

Camel Spider

Been enjoying cutting ad sticking this week. My niece named the creature by the mountain a camel, so I added a little girl riding on her back. The other is of a spider. Working on some strange robots and some other odd creatures at the moment so more collage to come. x

spidercamel final


A new shark species

A shark I invented called a Scarred Peacock Shank. x


Warcrab and Fish

Did a drawing for a great band called Warcrab and drew some fish after a visit to Plymouth National Marine Aquarium the other day. It’s also Shark Week on Discovery channel so that’s next up! Looking forward to adding colour to these when I get some new pens. X



A chickeny, pigeony, parrot bird thing. X

bok bok