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Sam and Cally/Owls Afraid of the Dark- Live at the Source FM Xmas party 2017



Sam and Cally Live at Source FM Xmas Gig


Thanks to everybody who made it along to the Source FM Xmas party the other day. Here are a couple of tracks from our set broadcast live on Source FM. Looking forward to album launch in 2018!


Jelly fish monster named ‘Infectoblob’ X


Zapoppin’ artwork

Here’s the Zapoppin’ art work in the flesh for the their Live at The Curse album. You can pick up a copy here:

Cybernetic Witch Cult drawing

Drawing inspired by the band Cybernetic Witch Cult. Great psych/doom metal inspired by classic sci fi and horror. Check them out! x


Skeletal foetus beast.

20171107_095503Skeleton foetus monster waving hello. Was gonna add more shading and colour but I’m glad I didn’t. Reckon this would be good for a grindcore band poster. x



Finished some pumpkins over Halloween week. A bit late but it doesn’t matter, every day is Halloween in our house. X