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Nat Blue, Roo and Yours True

Recorded live at Jacobs Ladder Inn, Falmouth, March 29th 2018.

Featuring ‘Sorry’ by Nat Blue, ‘Hot Salad’ by Roo Pescod and ‘Innocent Annie’ by Sam Bradbury.



A ‘Hellephant’ painted at Star Glazers this week. x

Dragon Rider

My entry for this months Character Design Challenge. Theme was dragons and dragon riders. x


500 Eyed Monster-Thankyou!

500 eyed monster to celebrate 500 likes on FaceBook. One eye for each of you. Thanks every body for the continued support and encouragement! I bloody love drawing. x 


Also now on Instagram @sambradburyart

Guitar Playing Echidna

A turtle shell guitar playing echidna drawn for a gig poster. Did you know, echidnas can live up to 50 years and is host to the echidna flea, the largest flea in the world. x


Mouth Worms

Bleuurrgh!!! Possible poster design of a guy chucking up a worm who is also chucking up a worm. If you have an ear worm and keep singing it, does that make it a mouth worm? x


Red Pen Faces

Red Pen Faces. I was thinking about monks and trying to use very few lines. I bloody love these Uni Posca markers. x