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My pocket sketchbook.

I finished a mini sketchbook I’ve been carrying with me over the last year and want to share some of the odd doodles and drawings. So here they are! Some are unfinished and others just terrible but I really love this sketch book. Hope you do too. X

New watercolour and pen drawings

Some recent finished watercolour and pen/pencil drawings. X

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Kernow Uncovered Photos

Great photos from the Kernow Uncovered event at Jacobs in April. Photography by Michael Larkin.

kernow uncovered

HiveMind Jingles Collection II

imageedit_8_2881289895 (1)

It’s here!! The second HiveMind Jingles collection for your listening pleasure. Thank you to Amy Norris, Ian Beaumont, Rowena Geerts and the jingle producing powerhouse that is Arthur Spear. All sales of the collection go towards Source FM. X

Art Spread Magazine

Really pleased to be in included in the latest issue of Art Spread. You can pick up a free copy in a ton of places round Falmouth or check out their website. x

Kernow Uncovered

Had a lovely time at Kernow Uncovered yesterday drawing for 5 hours. Met some great people and had some good comments about my drawings. Here are the results, a skeleton snake, a man in a creepy mask, a monster named Whiskers and a broken robot. X

The Meat Counter

Trying my hand at sign writing for The Meat Counter in Falmouth, Cornwall. They do incredible burgers!!!! Going to be doing some art on the walls in the restaurant too. X